Someone once said that “there are only three things to be done to a woman- love her, suffer for her or turn her into literature.” On the wonderful occasion of International Women’s Day, there is no better time than this to cherish these lines and celebrate the glorious presence of all the beautiful women in our lives.
Grand or low-key, Women’s Day is all about cherishing and celebrating the eternal love, immense support and care we receive from them. Though the love for the women in our lives is present every second, the curve reaches its epitome only special days-Women’s Day being an important one. On this special day, our acknowledgment is slyly tucked in a bouquet of flowers; a box of chocolates; a plate of her favorite dish or a movie the lady would drool over. Somehow, every year we successfully turn the reciprocation into a clichéd day of exotic celebration burdened under the hoopla of materialism.
As the trend of celebrating Women’s Day is becoming increasingly popular every passing year, it is gradually turning into a norm. Our lives have been pretty much revolved around one or the other woman since the day we stepped on this planet. Hence, the fact that their effort is celebrated just one day is a miss.
Let this be a year of change!
This year, do not fall back in the same cycle of wake, eat, work, sleep and repeat after hours of hardcore preparation and a day of soulful celebration. As history goes, Women’s Day was organized to celebrate women and their achievements- ranging from voting rights to getting license to work full time. It is also a reminder of the many obstacles women faced and how they excelled despite the hurdles.
This year, let’s not feel obliged to wish our mothers a happy women’s day just for the sake of it. Let us not buy our sisters gifts in the pretense of celebrating her loyalty. Let us not leave our seat in the bus for the old lady fearing that someone might judge us. Let us not greet the colleague who sits quietly right beside us and wish her randomly, just because everyone else is doing the same thing. Let us not look forward to the fancy dinner, just because the table booked is in a popular eatery, but because it’s our spouse at the other end. Let us not like, comment and share empowering posts on women that have gone viral in the social media. Lets us not fiddle with the dictionary in search of fancy words to write paragraphs about women emancipation and equality. Let us not hosts talk shows and carry rallies.
Let us, for a change, not go with the flow.
This women’s day, lets us mellow down a little. Let us call our mothers to wish her a good morning, because she taught us the etiquette of greeting people. Let us for buy our sisters the shoe she been craving, because she is our little girl who needs to be pampered. Let our spouses be in our jolly moods every day. Let us thank our maids for serving us hot coffee and fresh food on the table every morning. Let us smile at the coy colleague because she too needs a friend. Let us leave the seats of the bus for the elderly because they have grown weak.
Let this women’s day be a promise that calls from our mothers will be dealt with patience. For the little gestures of love generously flourished on us, our face will adorn a smile and thank you will be our favorite word. Let us promise that the gestures of love and gratitude for our better halves will not lose comfortably in the frantic chaos of our daily routine. Women’s day, men’s day or any day of that- let graciousness be our armor and kindness our savior.
Celebration begins from home. Let us cherish every relationship, every single day.
So here is to the people who give meaning to our life, wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day!

image source – Pixabay