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What Benefits do brings forward for wedding service providers in North-East India?

Wedding seasons are such a joyful time for all those belonging to the wedding industry, probably because during this season, the wedding industry churns out quite lucrative business for the ones belonging to it. The scenario stands true for all the regions in India, including our North-EasternRegion.

But! With so many people getting into the wedding business ranging from photography, wedding planning, bridal make-up, costume, jewellery, catering, etc, the competition to get noticed among potential customers keeps on getting more difficult by the day. To add to the complexity, it’s an unorganized sector we are talking about!

But worry not because this is where Sambandhaa steps in. is designed to organize the wedding market to start with, and is also dedicated to promote the wedding service providers from North-east.

Read on to find out how we help you with your Business Growth :

  1. Tap into a wider pool of potential clients – The quantum of clients seeking to avail services in which you specialize can reach up to thousands during the peak season. However, only a few are able to utilize the best out of it. Change that scenario by getting registered with
  2. Customer handling made easyYou must be investing a lot of time dealing and negotiating with a customer before actually getting the project. We help you by taking care of the initial phase of discussion. Make use of the extra time to sharpen your expertise and leave customer handling on us .
  3. Leverage your growth with Sambandhaa – While it’s all good getting all that exposure for your business, it’s crucially important to stay ahead of the game. We have you covered here. You see, is a digital platform; enabling the whole wide world to find you on the internet if are listed on the right platform. Now realistically speaking, there is a pretty good chance for customers from rest of India to hire you for their next big fat Indian Wedding as we will be taking up our platform to a national level very soon!
  4. Get more out of cross-category clients–We have multiple services listed in the portal. The clients who visit us for one , may end up picking up another 2-3 relevant services . Who does not want to save their precious time before the wedding? Such is the awesomeness of leveraging cross category clients! It’s nice to find more in one place..
  5. Register for the sweet price of zero!!– No, it’s not a prank. Yes, you get to register with us for absolutely no cost at all! Registrations are now open – (click here) to get registered today!

It is just a small attempt taken by Sambandhaa to highlight the immense potential of North-Eastern people and celebrate our awesomeness! Sambandhaa believes in delivering Quality, and we know you have it in you !!

So what are we waiting for ! Let’s create happy weddings together!

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