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These North East Wedding Cuisines you can’t miss to taste

A lot has been spoken about the North-East region and every time we hear about it, we learn a little more about this surreal region. Just like its unique & rich cultures, weddings in NER are also quite different from the rest of Indian states. And it almost seems unfair to talk about weddings without mentioning the delicacies served on wedding occasions.

So, without any further delay, we present one special wedding delicacy from each North-Eastern state, which by the way you must try the next time you visit any of these places –

Kumol Saul aru Doi (Assam)

Traditional Assamese cuisine is incomplete without serving this sweet jolpan (starter) to their guests. Kumol Saul is a type of soft rice which is accompanied with doi (curd); even better when served with gur! Kumol saul also happens to be specialty food of Assam which makes this delicacy all the more unique!

Pudoh (Meghalaya)

One of the special cuisines of Meghalaya; prepared during occasions such as marriages is Pudoh. It is a type of powdered rice cooked in steam slowly along with pork. This delicacy is served along with other Meghalayan meat preparations and is sure to make your taste buds happy!

Smoked pork with Anishi (Nagaland)

People of Nagaland love their smoked pork and therefore you are sure to be treated with this popular smoked pork delicacy in a Naga wedding which is prepared with Anishi (fermented dry yam leaves). This delicious cuisine will surely satiate your meat cravings like never before!

Bai (Mizoram)

A very popular cuisine of Mizoram, Bai is a delectable dish prepared traditionally with vegetables and pork. In Mizoram, food is generally cooked in steam or boiled, meaning it is a refreshing change in your food platter; one that can be relished without guilt!

Fish with bamboo shoot (Arunachal Pradesh)

Narrowing down to one particular cuisine served during weddings in Arunachal can be quite challenging as different tribes prefer different cuisine. However, there is one common delicacy relished by all Arunachali folks; fish with fermented bamboo shoots. This is prepared with using local herbs found only in Arunachal. Probably the local herbs makes the delicacy truly Arunachali!

Muya Awandru (Tripura)

If you happen to attend a Tripuri wedding, then you will be served with this special delicacy of the region, Muya Awandru. It is a combination of rice, bamboo shoot and berma (fermented fish); a simple yet bold combination of flavors which can be a very interesting experience for a foodie on hunt!

Sel roti (Sikkim)

It is an exclusive Nepali delicacy prepared during festive occasions. Sel roti is a type of sweet rice bread with a crispy texture and a delight in your mouth. In a Nepali wedding, Sel roti is served as a starter and is quite a favorite in the region.

Iromba (Manipur)

One of the most popular dishes of Manipur, Iromba is a specialty cuisine prepared with fermented fish and ghost pepper (green chilli can also be used). This lip smacking delicacy is served in Manipuri weddings and because of its simple taste; it is loved by the Manipuri folks.

The next time you happen to attend any wedding in these regions, treat yourself to these yummy cuisines of North-East India. Our love for Northeast makes us want to bring out more interesting facts and delicacies of the region. Did we miss out any of your favorite North-Eastern cuisine? Do let us know in the comments below!


Picture credits – Dzukou tribal kitchen (Smoked pork with Anishi)) | Wikipedia (Sel roti & Eromba)
Instagram – @zualtaye (Bai) | @saurav.roy (Meghalaya)