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Sambandhaa – The one-stop destination for all your wedding arrangements in North-East India!

“Congratulations!” – is what everyone around showers you with as soon as you break the big news of getting married. The preparation of starting a new journey is one of the greatest joys for you now. Everything needs to go perfect and your big day has to be one of the best moments of your life!

Having said that, preparations behind the happy occasion is one of the most challenging task ever; literally! Unlike online shopping and instant cab service, choosing the right vendors for wedding services is still a traditional process of word-of-mouth referrals and a lot of travelling around until you find the right choice; especially in North-East!

So, here we come up with an amazing platform that makes all your wedding related panic attacks disappear! Read on –

  1. All wedding services under one roof – Unless each of your friend turns out to be wedding vendors from every single category, chances are you have to rely on multiple sources for the job. Not anymore! Find all sorts of wedding vendors ranging from costume designers, bridal make-up, wedding venues, photographers, caterers, decorators and many more under one platform –
  1. Spoilt with choices – When it’s about the perfect wedding, you need to see all the options for each service category before you pick the right one. Sambandhaa gives you ample options to choose from the very best of wedding vendors in North-East as per your budget and preferences!
  1. Wedding arrangements simplified – It’s really convenient when you have a single point of contact for all your wedding queries. Sit back and relax! Browse through the list of wedding vendors from the comfort of your home and talk to our trained professionals to help you book the right service for every category.
  1. Easy payments – Whether you swipe your credit card for every transaction or find convenience in cash payment, we allow you to pay for each services you book through Sambandhaa as per your preferred payment mode.
  1. Transparency – We are not a big fan of hide & seek when it comes to service offerings that are listed in our portal. You get what you book; nothing less but probably more! Call us old school but we only make promises which we can deliver.
  1. The Accountability factor – Every wedding vendor registered with us are verified professionals with credible reviews from genuine clients. Since our mission is to make every weddings in North-East incredibly beautiful, we ensure proper delivery of services booked through us right on schedule. In case of any issues faced by our customers, we don’t shy away from resolving it either!

Of course, these are only a few of the amazing perks we have in store for you. Sambandhaa is not only a digital platform; it is also an interactive platform backed by a strong team of customer support to help you solve all your queries.

Reach out to us with your wedding requirements here until our full website launches.