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Nine types of kids we find at weddings!

Weddings are supposed to be pretty,elegant and full of grace. But kids don’t really get the concept, do they? They do what they feel like and whether you agree or not, kids have the potential to steal the focus away from the bride!!

So let’s take you guys for an amusing ride as we present 9 types of kids we find at weddings. Which one were you though?

1. The Organizer

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Seen those kids who take pride in arranging the wedding gifts for the bride? Yeah, they are the professional planners in making.

2. The Sneaker

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For some weird reason, kids think of weddings as the perfect spot for Hide n Seek.
However, adults just don’t get it!

3. The HungryBirds

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Wedding caterers will understand this one; innocent eyes repeatedly blinking at them to get the last bowl of ice cream for the fifth time!

4. The Troublemakers

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Ever been to a wedding where all the kids present sat around quietly like little angels? Me neither.

5. The Screamer

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They are just kids being kids, we get it. It’s just that; never mind.

6. The TearShedder

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Toddlers at weddings are a delight; until those tears start flowing non-stop coz they just don’t get the idea of celebration like we do!

7. The Runner

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Where there is a kid at a wedding, there is an impromptu running competition initiated by them; except they run in all possible direction and the running never ends. Quite a sight!

8. The Tiny Trend-Setters

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This is my favourite lot. Tiny little angels dressed to perfection, often seen accompanying the bride. Adorable trend-setters they are!

9. The Photo bomber

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Lets just say that some moments at weddings are unplanned and they continue to exist in social medias and photo albums whether you like it or not!

At the end, kids warm our hearts no matter what they do. Let’s face it; we too did some pretty crazy things as kids. And those were probably the best days of our lives.

So back to reality, how many type of kids mentioned above have you witnessed in weddings so far? Do let us know if we have missed any specific lot.


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