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Fusion Wedding Outfits for the modern day groom

Last week, we did an exclusive piece on the trendiest fusion dresses for the modern day bride. This week, we have shifted our focus to another most important person of the wedding- the groom. Gone are the days when fashion and grooming used to be a thing of the bride only. Weddings today are all about power dressing for both the bride and the groom. From adoring the crisp and starched dhotis to wearing designer labels with bold zari work, Indian grooms have come a long way.

Though the tradition is diverse and vast and there is no-one single defined attire for the groom. Outfits like dhotis and sherwanis have been synonymous to weddings across the country. Many states which have tribal population in majority have a distinct flavor to their wedding culture. But with time, the wedding scenes and the aspects revolving around the ceremony has changed drastically, including the wedding attire.

Keeping in track with evolving times, we have listed trendy fusion attires for the modern day groom. These options can be experimented on occasion ranging from engagement to the main wedding ceremony.

The ethnic attire for engagement

Sambandhaa img source- gqindia
Img source- gqindia

The engagement is a significant step towards the big day. The couple is going to be the cynosure of all eyes. For a majority of the grooms, suits have always been the most chosen outfit to look dapper on the occasion. Giving vibes of class and sophistication, a well fitted suit makes the to-be groom look like perfection.

However, recent runway styles have changed the dressing scenes significantly. Currently, to-be grooms have been inclining towards jazzing up their attire by teaming formal pants and chinos with bandgalas, Nehru coats and waist coats. Coats with ethnic motif work and embroidery on it have also been in quite a trend with the grooms.

Some fabric play at the wedding

Sambandhaa Img Src - lakme fashion week
Img Src – lakme fashion week

As mentioned above, starched white dhotis and Sherwanis are the undisputed wedding attire for the groom. However, looking unique had never been this easy. Switching the cotton dhoti to a silk or a denim faded one will definitely jazz up the look of the groom. The groom can choose a printed sherwani or dhoti over the typical embroidered ones. Tribal prints, Aztec prints and Digital prints are quite in vogue now.

Color code for the ceremonies

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Earlier, weddings were not the zone where the groom could experiment. As things have changed now weddings are all about bringing all the colors together for fun and frolic. It helps a lot if a generous amount of time is invested in choosing the color of the outfits, because a flattering color will always be generous towards the image of the groom.

Thus, rather than going for the usual reds and maroons, it is advisable to choose dark colors like olive green, air force blue, steel grey or brown. These shades work wonders for both Indian and western outfits. Also, since weddings are majorly a night affair in the country, dark shades will always help the skin to look glowy.

Casual cocktail Parties

Sambandhaa Image source- pinterest
Img source- pinterest

Cocktail parties are always the most favored event among the young crowd of the wedding. Hence surely, the groom would not want to come off looking too draped and formal. In such a case, there is always room for the groom to experiment, and hence can go for a styled suit without a tie. Grooms can also play with the fabric of his attire keeping in mind the formality of the occasion. For eg. a black silk shirt never fails to grab the attention the man of the hour would need.

Wedding is a ceremony to begin the lifelong promise of love and commitment towards our significant other. To look our best on the day, it is important to give the attention the occasion deserves. Speaking with the fiancée/fiancée to-be before the big days would definitely help the couple to coordinate their outfits and look their best. To help you fiancée decide her wedding wear, please read our exclusive blog on trendy attire for brides. No one wants to be centre of attraction in a mismatched pair of clothes. Sambandhaa is here for you to erase your woe.