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Five kind of people who are always blessed by Maa Durga

Devi Durga is one of the most powerful symbols of strength as per Hindu Mythology. She, who is known by many names among which Parvati, Kali, Maha Devi & Uma are a few; is the goddess of prosperity and strength. Every year we seek Maa’s blessings during Navratri and Durga Puja. Our prayers know no bounds during this season because we all want Maa Durga to be pleased with our devotion.

But, there are a few kind of people who keep Maa Durga pleased all year round with certain powerful traits they possess. We at Sambandhaa feel that Maa expects more from us beyond worshipping her; to value bonds and relationships.

Therefore, we present the five kind of people who are worthy of Maa’s blessings in true sense –

  1. The man who respects his life partner– Every woman on this planet is said to carry a part of Ma Durga within her very soul. A man must understand that his wife prioritizes him and his family even when she has the ability to put herself first. She deserves to be respected equally. Your devotion towards Maa Durga will not be counted if you go on harassing and mocking your own wife.
  2. Women who treat other women well – Treating a woman right is not the responsibility of a man alone; rather a woman too must value women around her. There are many instances where one woman became the cause of another woman’s misery. This definitely will not go down well with Maa Durga. So as a woman one is also entailed to respect other women equally.
  3. The Person who helps a woman even as a stranger – It’s an unfortunate but common occurrence today where a woman gets teased or molested by some low life human. If you happen to be there; irrespective of your gender, you should help her in whichever means you can even if she is a stranger to you. Maa will definitely bless you for your good karma and it will make at least one woman trust humanity again. So let’s do our part and make every woman feel safe upon our watch; we can and we should.
  4. Women who work, people who support – When women take charge of their own life by standing on her own feet, Maa Durga wins. When people around a woman support her independent stand rather than sticking to ‘women belong in the kitchen’ concept, Maa Durga wins. Each step taken towards women empowerment collectively by both men and women make us worthy of Maa’s blessings all the more.
  5. The Women who fight back –When in pain induced by time and situation, women have the power to bear beyond a man’s imagination. Women are built in such a way that even the toughest of shackles cannot break them. And if a woman does not fight back to take her stand, she is defying the strength bestowed upon her by Maa Durga. The Goddess of strength who showed the entire universe what a woman is capable of when she killed the invincible demon; Mahisasur, wants every woman to fight back harder because women are capable of strength beyond her own realization.

By now, it should be pretty clear that worshipping Maa Durga alone is not enough to prove our devotion. Maa looks for the traits mentioned above in all her devotees. However, one must also not forget that men around us deserve equal respect and support. We are all significant in our own unique way and we should learn to complement each other’s existence, so that we strike a perfect balance just like Maa intended the world to be.

Did we miss a specific point in this article? If so, we would love to learn them from you in the comments below or you can discuss these points @facebook/instagram.  Jai Maa Durga.


Picture contribution by – Jameson Sahariah’