Cool Wedding Ideas to Make Your Wedding a Memorable One (Vol. 1.0)

Have you ever wanted your wedding to be as interesting as a fairy tale? If you want your D-Day to be one of the much-talked-about weddings in town, we have a few tips for you to follow. These 7 cool wedding pointers, if you keep them in mind, will make your wedding one of the best memories to cherish forever.

1. Personalized Cards for a Cool Wedding Invitation

Instead of the traditional and designer wedding cards, how about a cool wedding personification to it? You can start with eateries and tags! Ask us how? With a cake pop engraved with the guests’ name, add a cute photo tag to it. The tag would carry a picture of the bride and groom with the venue and time of the wedding invitation. Isn’t it funky and cool?

2. Do You Want to Walk the Red Carpet like a Celebrity Couple?

If you have dreamed of being called the Brangelina or Saifeena of the town, why don’t you add a celebrity touch to your wedding? Walk the red carpet with your other half on the day of your wedding reception. Let heads turn and all eyes be on you as you flaunt each other’s company and enter the wedding hall holding each other’s arms. This would surely be a moment to remember for the rest of your life.

3. Perks for the Guests

It is believed that as long as the guests are happy, your conjugal life would be a blissful one. Make them feel important by gifting them cute, little, personalized welcome bags as they enter the wedding venue. Personalized handmade chocolates and a small bouquet of flowers with their name on a tiny card is a good option. You may gift them tiny bags of dry fruits too! Isn’t this a cool wedding idea for your D-day?

4. Let the Guests Engrave Their Wishes for You

Instead of a typical guestbook, create a unique register of memories. Put a large silver or bronze tray out with engraving pens so that each guest can sign there with a tiny message for you. This will not only leave a lasting impression in your mind, but it would also be a treasure to flaunt in your showcase.

5. Creative Lighting for a Themed Wedding

Do you want to revolutionize the regular wedding pandal with some creativity in the lighting? You may consider the charm of the season for this cool wedding idea. For winter, project snowflakes and frost and for autumn, projecting dry leaves is a great idea; isn’t it? For spring and summer, find out what would suit you best! You may light the venue the way your wedding theme is too.

6. How about replacing your Wedding Car with a Bike?

After the wedding, a thrilling bike ride with your other half is for the adventurous lot. Rather than the all-decked-up-with-flowers car, kick-start a cool bike and head homeward if you are a groom, and if you are the dainty bride, enter your new home. For the calmer couples, a bicycle with a basket of fresh flowers would give your wedding a retro touch. Pulling the bicycle, a romantic walk after the wedding would bring you closer too. Let the ‘Just Married’ sign on the bicycle or motorcycle wave ‘Goodbye’ to your beloved guests.

7. Social Networking for a Cool Wedding

Why do you need to wait for the wedding day for the party to begin? Let Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed the profiles a week before your wedding. From the bachelors’ and bachelorettes’ party to the tiny, happy moments, keep a record of every beautiful moment online. Upload pictures and vlogs (video blogs) of your party and you may even create spotlight columns for ‘Wedding Guest of the Occasion’, ‘Prettiest Friend of the Bride’, ‘Hottest Friend of the Groom’, etc. Let tweets and Facebook posts about the wedding day flood the newsfeed of your friends. However, be sure not to overdo it too!

With these fun pointers, add a subtle touch of romance and merriment to your much-awaited wedding. Before you embark on your honeymoon, these moments will surely enhance the dreamy, tender and starry side of your conjugal life. Let these cool wedding ideas help your wedding be a memorable one not just for you, but for your guests too.