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Confused over the “Right Age” to get Married?

In this progressive era, women are much more independent than earlier. Most of these women are often, caught up in their dreams and jobs;leaving them with very little time to think about marriage. Be it the freedom-loving, single woman or the bashful, romantic girlfriend; marriage is a distant dream that she harbors deep inside her heart. Sometimes, it is not even an aspect she thinks about!

Interestingly, it is not the girl but her well-wishers who are in a haste to marry her off;usually her parents, friends or relatives. They dwell in this singular belief: A girl, married off ‘in the right age’, is settled comfortably in life. Well, what do you think? Is marriage the benchmark of getting settled down in life? The obvious answer is NO.

But somehow, every girl gets caught up in this dilemma at least once, either due to societal stigma or because of her family’s expectations. We understand the hurdles behind deciding on one of life’s biggest decisions. This is why, reveals 5 ways that will help any girl to decide the right time for her to get married!

1. She should marry before she turns 30 when she is mentally ready.

She should know for herself whether she is mentally prepared to handle the responsibilities of a wife, daughter and daughter-in-law, all at one time. Any kind of aversion to marriage from the past would not help her to keep the marriage strong; hence, she should be emotionally ready to marry. She should also be physically and mentally prepared to raise a child all by herself, if required.

2. She should marry when she completes her studies has done her role as a responsible daughter towards her parents.

After completing her studies, she should find enough reasons to make her parents satisfied, emotionally (by helping her parents at home and spending enough time), or by getting herself a job to earn for herself as well as the family. Once she completes her studies, she should let her parents feel proud of her as she takes care of them, emotionally, as well as financially.

3. She should marry when she finds a financially sound groom herself is financially independent.

She should start contemplating about her wedding once she learns that she has earned enough to take care of her expenses and stand up for herself when required. She should not rely on her parents and relatives completely to bear all the expenses; rather she should try to contribute for her wedding too. For this to happen, she herself must be financially independent.

4. She should marry when she finds the man with whom she can live with happily finds the man she cannot live without.

A girl should marry the man who will not only keep her happy, but whose presence is as important as her job or her family. The man she marries should be someone she falls deeply in love with. Trust, efficient communication, mutual respect and friendship, they altogether are equally important for a marriage to last as love.

5. Last but not the least, she should marry when her friends start tying the nuptial knot she develops an understanding of the pros and cons of marriage.

A girl should marry once she completely understands the pros and cons of a marriage and also, learns about the do’s and don’ts in a marriage. She should marry when is prepared to save her marriage in the hardest of times, if required. She should learn the importance of marriage before her wedding and should develop a sense of respect towards that bonding.

So, now you know that there is no right age for marriage and age cannot be a factor in the modern world today. Even though a woman is nearing her thirties; if she herself is not ready, marriage should still remain a distant dream for her – A dream that she can bring into reality with the right amount of effort and love in the time SHE thinks is right for her.

Take it easy & live life QUEEN SIZE! 🙂