7 Tell-tale signs that proves you have found your other half!

In today’s age, love is difficult to come by. We could be in a relationship, but still we may not be able to vouch for its certainty. This is because a relationship demands effort, as well as patience; something which we hold too precious to invest in, unless we are absolutely sure about a promising future with the other person. But what gives it away? How do we know he/she is ‘the one’ for whom you need to fight against all odds to make it work? Don’t we all look for signs to tell us that this is it? Surprisingly, the answer is much simpler than you think.

If you happen to stumble upon your perfect match, then at some level, you already know. No matter what traits we are looking for, no one knows better than us about our perfect match. But sometimes we need a few tell-tale signs which would hint at the possibility of a potential relationship that just might last forever. To know this better, read on!

1. Dressing up isn’t a struggle anymore!

When we go on a first date, we want to look our best. That makes us very particular about the way we dress. This continues to be a tedious task even after you guys start seeing each other on a regular basis. Until one fine day you realize you don’t dread it anymore, for you know in your heart he/she will enjoy your company irrespective of how you look.


2. It’s deeper than just physical intimacy

When you are in a relationship, closeness comes naturally. But it’s not all about the intimate moments which make you feel great at the moment. In fact, not being around each other and still being in love can mean that the bond between you and your partner is deeper on an emotional level, which strengthens the relationship further.


3. Weekend plans with your partner’s family

Being invited to spend time with your partner’s family is a great sign, which proves that things between you two are moving along the right track. This also means that your partner doesn’t shy away from declaring his/her relationship with you in front of their family.


4. Planning your finances together

This is a pretty solid sign. We all know the importance of a sound financial planning to lead a secured life. If you have started planning your finances with your partner, then you both at some level have declared your willingness to live your life together!


How important is the money talk before your marriage?

5. Pre-planned activities for the next summer

If plans made by both of you include future dates that goes beyond a year, this means you both want to take this relationship forward on a serious note. At this stage, you guys have pretty much made it evident that you are in it for the long haul!


6. Surviving together during the worst phases of life

Life is not all good and we know it. Each one of us has to endure some terribly rough times in our lifetime. During this phase, you get to know if your partner is willing to stick by your side, no matter how tough it gets and whether or not you are willing to endure the same during your partner’s bad days. In our opinion, surviving bad phases together is a very good sign which implies that both of you can look past the obstacles and build your future together.


7. Being your weirdest best

Deep down you know the kind of person you are. And if you don’t shy away from revealing it to your partner who reciprocates in the same tone, then Hey! You may just have found your other half!


At the end of the day, having a person with whom you can be your truest self is one of the best feelings in life. Cherish your moments with your loved ones because, as time passes by, these moments will turn into beautiful memories and will give you enough love to sail through in this tough world.
image source – Pixabay