7 Steps to get the Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Interestingly, the concept of pre-wedding shoot dates back to the era when royal families had their portraits made in event of their wedding. Back then it was a luxury only for the royals. Today, the concept of wedding photography and candid shoot is such that, without it a wedding seems incomplete. To make it a little easy for all soon to wed couples, allow us to introduce 7 steps to follow for the perfect pre-wedding shoot –


1. Hire the right photographer

You will be entrusting a person to capture your priceless moments. Make sure the wedding photographer hired doesn’t compromise on the following parameters:

  • Punctuality – the initial meetings with a photographershould give you a fair idea about the ‘on time’ factor.
  • Quality – Check samples from previous weddings they have handled and see if you are satisfied with the output.
  • Commitment–Knowing their commitment level beforehand is a good idea. This way, you can expect the best from them.

[Pro tip –if the photographer you want to hire is listed on our website then look for reviews from previous clients!]


2. Choose between Candid vs. Controlled poses

Candid snaps are known to bring out the genuine smiles. Ask your photographer if he is comfortable in patiently capturing candid moments. This would be your best bet if you want fun and peppy snaps.Alternatively, go for a ‘controlled’ shoot (the one where you are told how to pose) if you want romantic captures with your partner.


3. Theme for the shoot

The theme for your shoot is pretty much how both of you want to look back at the beginning of your journey together. Because 10 years down the line when you look at them, you are going to reminisce the magic in the air with your partner!



4. Look for the seasonal flavour

The season plays an important role in planning your pre-wedding shoot. During the winter season, you can incorporate the foggy climate to your picture whereas the spring helps you add a floral essence to it. As for monsoon weddings, indoor shoots are advisable!

[Pro tip –For monsoon season, make sure to get the last few snaps in the rain for a filmy vibe!]


5. Shoot Timing

Usually, early morning prep for the shoot is preferred coz the freshness ensures better quality of the pictures. If you can’t afford to have an early morning shoot then sort out the timing which works best for you and your partner; also make sure your photographer is on the same page regarding the timing.

[Pro tip – For a more romantic and intimate setting, aim for the twilight. And by twilight we don’t mean the movie, rather the time of the dayJ]


6. Location

For an outdoor shoot, the location chosen will crucially affect the final output. So choose wisely. Do some research or ask your traveller friends to suggest a few unique places to go for. It is advisable if you can visit the place beforehand.

[Pro tip – If your wedding is in Guwahati, you may go for Pobitora, Mayong etc. These are unique places for a pre-wedding shoot!]


7. Get a Make-up Artist

Last but definitely not the least; you really need to consider getting a make-up artist for your pre-wedding shoot. It has nothing to do with how you look. Basically the high definition pictures demands the perfect touch-up on your face!

[Pro tip – Some photographers provide make-up artists for pre-wedding shoots. Check your photographer’s package if it includes one or you may check’s listings to find the best one!]


So if you’re excited or still a little bit confused about how and what to look for while thinking to get your pre-wedding or candid shoot done, don’t hesitate in contacting us for asking anything (here facebook/instagram). Our attentive support team is always there to help you find not only the best wedding photographer in North East but also the makeup artist, stylist and the friendly advices to make your pre-wedding shoot awesome for lifetime.

Finally, a lovely quote by a seasoned photographer, Himanshu Sarma – “Though memories may not last forever, photographs are what make them worth a tingle once a while”