7 Steps every bride should follow for that natural bridal glow!

Who doesn’t want a splendid wedding? In the case of a bride to be, everything needs to go perfect and the preparation to perfection starts months before her wedding day! Life of a bride-to-be can be pretty stressful given that her schedule now revolves around running shopping errands for the wedding and also manage time for the routine appointments at the skin clinic/parlor to get the perfect glowing skin.

Now since the motto here at Sambandhaa is to simplify wedding hassles, we have jotted down a few super effective and easy to follow tips which any bride should follow in order to get the perfect bridal glow naturally!

1. Stepping outside

Every now and then you may have to go out of the house. This is when you need to be cautious not to let the harmful rays of sun affect your skin. Therefore, by all means use a good sun block which suits your skin tone and also use umbrellas and shades to protect yourself from the heat and dust.

Pro tip – Stuff your handbag with a pack of wet wipes every time you step out. These refreshing wipes are a great savior on a humid and sunny day!

2. Cut out on junk food

The temptation towards junk food is understandable, but it does more harm than good and you know it. Junk food are generally greasy; one of the prime factors of acne. Unless you don’t mind sporting acne sponsored bridal look, we suggest you to avoid eating junk food.

Pro tip – If you do want to satiate your hunger pangs outside the house, go for soups & salads. These may sound bland but the right combination of flavors can do wonders to your bowl of soup or a plate full of Salad.

3. Get rid of alcohol and smoking

Smoking never is good for your health. Your skin should not be breathing in those harmful nicotine substances. Same goes for alcohol. It may have been fun during those binge drinking sessions, but it only worsens your skin texture and your overall health. Go easy on your alcohol consumption because a beer belly and a bridal outfit do not really go hand in hand!

Pro tip – Switch to red wine consumed on a moderate basis if you really need to. However, by all means smoking should be cut out.

4. Indulge in workout

If you are already a fitness freak than you can skip to the next point. However, if you belong to the popular Lazy Bum Club, then you may want to give this a serious thought; it’s your wedding c’mon! A daily work out session for a beginner should be good enough for you to flush out toxins and get a glowing skin. Slowly and steadily you can turn up the intensity of your workout and by the time of your wedding day, you are going to have a natural glow in your skin and it will be all worth it.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

Water is claimed to be the best food for skin. Plenty of water needs to be consumed daily to replenish your skin and wash out the toxins from your body.

Pro tip – Always carry a bottle of water in your handbag whenever you are out of the house.

6. Refine your eating pattern

Always remember to consume small portions of your meal at a time. Include herbal and green tea before bedtime to get a sound sleep. Indulge in light snacks during evening and make sure not to skip your breakfast.

7. Ultimate food plan recommended by Sambandhaa

Relax! We never advise on starving yourself. What we do believe is, opting for healthy eating for healthy skin. We suggest you to ensure the regular intake of the following varieties and your skin shall be blessed with all kinds of goodness:
Green leafy vegetables, eggs, lean meat and cereals – for healthy cell formation in your skin.
Lemons, strawberries & red pepper – Enriched with Vitamin C which acts as a natural skin toner.
Grapes & Tomatoes – are great anti-oxidants which reduces skin ageing.
Whole grain bread, brown rice & oatmeal – ideal staple food which keeps you full and curbs excessive eating.
Yogurt with seasonal fruits – An ideal snack to curb hunger and cool your body.
Almonds, walnuts & fish – your dose of healthy fats help you in getting clear and supple skin.

 This is our take on ways to get healthy skin and we would love to hear from you if you have any doubt; we are in touch with experts who can help in resolving your queries.  Here’s to all our brides ready to glow naturally!