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7 skin care tips a ‘monsoon’ bride-to-be must try

Monsoon weddings are all fun and romantic until the humidity of the season takes a toll on the skin. The moisture laden air hit the romantic factor and bring skin and hair problem for everyone. But for brides-to-be, the case is even worse. Hence, to get radiant skin it is must for the brides-to-be to adhere to an effective skin care routine. Though it is common for most brides-to-be to opt for expensive chemical treatments to get a radiant skin, most of such practices prove to be disastrous in the long run. So the safest way out is to go for a natural beauty regime that would make wonders.

After extensive research, we have drawn a handy list of beauty do’s and don’ts for the bride-to-be to ensure she looks and feels exactly like a princess on her d-day.

Keep oil at bay

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Img Src – Skin Corp

Our skin secrets oil more profusely during the monsoons, so it becomes an utmost necessity to wash the face with a mild face wash at least three times a day. One can also use a gentle scrub with mild granules once a day as an exfoliating agent. Also, it is important to recognize the skin type and the list our suitable products well ahead of the wedding day.

Sunscreen safe

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Img Src – Flickr

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of a sunscreen lotion. Logically, one should wear a decent sunscreen with a strong SPF all round the year. Thus, skipping the sunscreen during the monsoons thinking them to be polite on the skin is not such a good idea. Waterproof, gel based or water based and sweat proof sunscreens are an absolute savior during this season.

The math of cleanser

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Img Src – Wikimedia

Since the monsoon air is infected by bacteria and other microorganisms, it is very important to keep the skin clean. But, as everything about monsoon skin care is about controlling the oil, the choice of cleanser used should change for this season. Most drugstore brand cleansers are oil based, hence it is wise to replace it with mind face wash. Face washes are more effective in removing make up, oil and dirt from the face than cleansers.

The C, T and M mantra

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Img Src – Pixabay

A decent cleansing, toning and moisturizing is the basic key to a healthy skin. However, factors like climates, skin type, age among many others play a vital role in this routine. A moisturizer that works amazingly in the winter might not work during the monsoons. Hence, it is important to choose product accordingly. For eg. alcohol based toners are a strict no during this season.

Old is gold

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Img Src – The Bailey Lane

The pre-bridal stage is not a good time to experiment a new product or a regime. The temptation to add that fancy looking cream to the beauty table ‘might’ not work the way it claimed. Resultant, nasty reaction, or even worse the skin will end looking like a roast potato. Hence, it is best to stick to things that have in the vanity bag for quite some time now.

Stay healthy!

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Img Src – Pixabay

No amount of products and salon visits are going to work if the basic lifestyle being followed is unhealthy. Eating a diet filled with seasonal vegetables, fruits and dairy is going to give the skin the extra glow that all to-be brides desperately look forward to. Make water the to-go drink. Remember not to substitute water with juices, as they both have different benefits. Plus, too much consumption of juices can increase the sugar level in the blood.

Sassy smile on

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Img Src – Public Domain pictures

A smile is the best ornament a face can wear. The magic of a smiling face can never be substituted by any amount of make-up. Smile is the easiest path towards beauty, so keep it handy and get ready to rock the wedding.

The rains do not dampen our spirits; so why should it take a toll on our skin? If the tips mentioned above are followed religiously, everything will be just perfect.

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