7 best trendy fusion outfits for the modern Indian bride

The perfect bridal wear is a dream girls conceive since childhood. Putting together the best wedding dress can be quite daunting. The hustle of numerous ceremonies can leave brides too drained to invest time on picking the desired wedding outfit.
Hence; a style rut!
To save the to-be brides from their worst nightmare, we have put together some ethnic, yet trendy fusion wear. Inspired by runway styles, these fabulous wedding fashion dresses will give the modern day brides an elegant and unique Indo-western look.

1.The Lehenga luster

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Lehengas have been the most common traditional Indian wear since ages. Now brides can vamp the wedding lehengas on their own and save themselves from the plight of looking dull with a plain one on or burning a hole in the pocket with designer labels. Anakarli lehengas, saree lehengas or lehengas with asymmetrical silhouettes are the perfect attire to get the perfect chic look.

2.Ornamental ode

Sambandhaa -Ornamental odePicture source: Vogue India November 2015

The traditional Indian bridal wedding attire is so diverse that it is almost impossible to design one style for everyone. While brides from Assam wear the traditional ‘Mekhela-sador’, an Arunachali bride wears a wrap called ‘gale.’ ‘Dokhona’ (for Bodo brides), ‘Pindhan’ (for Manipuri brides) among many others traditional dresses represent the Indian tribal culture. Such brides can adorn funky metallic jewellery to give their attire the modern look. Brides can also mix and match their ornament to look elite.

3.Some color pop

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A modern wedding is all about experimenting with vibrant colors. Ditching the traditional red attire for a pastel pink one, a tangerine orange, a sea blue, a glowing gold or a sizzling silver will not only stand the brides in out the crowd but also make them look fresh and dewy.

4.Gaga over gowns

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The impact of a well fitted evening gown can never be overstated. The perfect couture to look glam in every occasion, gowns as wedding dresses can be a beautiful change on the table. A personalized evening gown in an ethnic avatar is the newest wedding fashion in trend. Embroidery, motifs, zari and lace work with stone and diamond studs will give the gown a traditional yet classy look.

5.The jacket jazz

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The fusion of two best Indian wedding outfits can create something magical. Brides can exchange the regular blouse/choli for a bandgala or crop jacket to team with the lehenga. They can also opt for jacket blouses to keep the look interesting. This style has been extremely common with go-getter brides who want to keep their look minimal and comfortable.

6.Print play

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While elders may go stiff with the idea of playing with traditional prints, one can always stay safe by going subtle. Gorgeous digital and Aztec prints can add a new dimension to the wedding outfit and look as great as the traditional embroidery and stone work. Some designers have even gone ahead to design personal messages and photos into the wedding dress to give it a complete customized look.

7.Skirts and pants

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Not everybody really wants to do a saree or lehenga on their wedding day. The boho combination of skirts with crop tops or cholis with dhoti pants are for the likes of them. To get the ethereal bridal look, poof-up the skirt with beautiful organza, tissue or net fabric. Design the neck or hemline of the attire with pearls or stones and flaunt the curves with some handcrafted jewellery.

8.Sassy statement

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Modern day power dressing is all about keeping it minimal, yet classy. Focusing on one statement piece is the best thing to do when brides do not want to go over-board. An experimental designer blouse with a plain bottom or a diamond studded bottom with a uni-color top is the best way to keep the look simple yet sophisticated.

Weddings are all about fabulous fashion and fantastic food. These style inspirations are not only extremely functional but also the most gorgeous trends in the town. Wear them with your impeccable smile and be the prettiest bride ever.
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