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7 Awesome Wedding Planning Hacks for the Workaholic Bride & Groom!

One of the most important chapters of your life is the one where you start a married life with your significant other. However, making arrangements for the big day can be quite challenging, especially for a working professional for whom work takes up a major part of life.

Fret not, coz we have listed down some super convenient ways to plan your big day without compromising with your work! Thank us later!

1.Appoint reliable Point-of-Contacts

Appoint your friends to take care of some of the wedding planning! It will be fun and super convenient to get the job done because chances are your friends will know your requirements better!

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2.Leverage on latest technology!

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that your job has got you acquainted with a lot of useful technology that can help simplify the wedding process. For instance, you can use spreadsheets to manage your guest list and sync your phone calendar to remind you of following up with the wedding vendors!

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3.Maintain a wedding planner/diary

Your planning will be a lot easier if you have one organised diary/planner to track your wedding arrangements! That way you are focussed at your work and resume your planning right from where you have left!

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4.Save your weekends for all wedding shopping

Wedding shopping can be challenging as well as time consuming. Save your weekend to take care of your shopping errands!

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5.Break down bigger responsibilities into smaller ones!

The entire wedding planning process can be very overwhelming to execute. Why not break down big tasks into smaller manageable responsibilities?

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6.Get your wedding priorities sorted first!

It is advisable to list out your priorities for your wedding well ahead of time. You will understand better what exactly you want at your wedding rather than exceeding your wedding budget unnecessarily!

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7.Finish your pending work before your leave starts!

Sorting out your pending work before your leave starts is daunting but needs to be over with so that you don’t worry about any pending work right at the middle of your Makeup!

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To sum it up, the end result of it is a beautiful journey with that special someone. With this in mind, planning your wedding becomes easier.

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