5 things in a marriage that can never be perfect

5 things in a marriage that can never be perfect

Marriage is a wonderful institution invented by the mankind. It is not just a beginning of a spiritual connection but an eternal commitment for love, togetherness and forgiveness. However, all the emotions, responsibilities and drama have made marriages an apprehension.

Love is an ideal thing, marriage is the real one. Thus, it is just beyond possible for the marriage to be perfect. If we start looking for perfection, we would wait until we are ready we would be waiting for the rest of our lives.

Isn’t it high time for us to acknowledge and appreciate that some things in a marriage just can never be perfect? It definitely is. Things or notions mentioned below should never be a determining factor in a marriage.

  1. When age is just a number: Since decades, early marriages have been cited the most ideal. But today numbers do not define modern couples anymore, and they live by the mantra of increasing qualification, experiences and careers before getting hitched. So is there a perfect time to say “I do?” Actually no. The key is just to be ready and cease the perfect moment.
  2. Bank balance, for better: Honestly, the perfect bank balance is a myth, even for the richest of all. No doubt that a stable income is a good start for a healthy marriage, but no matter how much we save, there will always be certain things beyond our reach or someone else doing it better than us. There only key here is to learn the art of balancing between emotions and needs.
  3. Consistent concern over career: Let’s face the harsh truth. Unless we are the leader of our own, there will always be times when we will end up questioning our career choices. It is never easy to land into a career that is perfect. The best we can manage to do is to make a career that is almost perfect. For everything else, passion and hard work bring the answers.
  4. The perfect physique/body: No matter how much of a celebrity we are, everybody has a sense of self insecurity dipped inside our skin. We might have managed to hit the desired scale of weight before the marriage or managed to get the perfect dewy skin after months of surviving on boiled food, but our image of perfection is still a long way to go. The only key is to have fun being the centre of attraction on the d-day!
  5. Perfectly satisfied relatives– This is the most difficult to achieve. The most apprehensive part of a wedding is meeting the relatives; might be for the first time ever, or the 10th time in a year. Relatives are universally known for picking flaws everywhere and wedding scenes are no different. Unless someone really cares for you, people will do find shortcomings everywhere.


Weddings and wedding plans should be a time of fun and frolic with friends and family. A ‘perfect’ wedding plan can leave memories to cherish for a lifetime, the only pick here is to be leave the mind open and be acceptable of faults. Enjoy and savor every moment to the fullest; and for every other ‘perfect’ needs, visit www.sambandhaa.com. We offer complete wedding solutions in Guwahati, other cities of Assam and Northeast India.

image source – Pixabay