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These North East Wedding Cuisines you can’t miss to taste

A lot has been spoken about the North-East region and every time we hear about it, we learn a little more about this surreal region. Just like its unique & rich cultures, weddings in NER are also quite different from the rest of Indian states. And it almost seems unfair to talk about weddings without mentioning the delicacies served on wedding occasions. (more…)

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7 Steps every bride should follow for that natural bridal glow!

Who doesn’t want a splendid wedding? In the case of a bride to be, everything needs to go perfect and the preparation to perfection starts months before her wedding day! Life of a bride-to-be can be pretty stressful given that her schedule now revolves around running shopping errands for the wedding and also manage time for the routine appointments at the skin clinic/parlor to get the perfect glowing skin. (more…)

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7 Steps to get the Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Interestingly, the concept of pre-wedding shoot dates back to the era when royal families had their portraits made in event of their wedding. Back then it was a luxury only for the royals. Today, the concept of wedding photography and candid shoot is such that, without it a wedding seems incomplete. To make it a little easy for all soon to wed couples, allow us to introduce 7 steps to follow for the perfect pre-wedding shoot – (more…)

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