Bridesmaid - Sambandhaa

11 perks only a Bride with Bridesmaid knows!

For every bride in distress, there is a bridesmaid to her rescue! No matter what the situation be, bridesmaid always carry their bridal emergency prep kits up their sleeves. And it’s not just the western bride who is blessed to have a bridesmaid by her side. Indian brides too can rightfully appoint her bridesmaid to save her from all the stress and panic.

So every Indian would-be bride reading this, imagine the perks every bridesmaid brings along for you!

1. She is the support system of the bride

Sambandhaa - Support System

2. She attends to the (unwanted) guests

Attends Guest - Sambandhaa

3. A personal Dance teacher (anytime, anywhere)

personal Dance teacher - Sambandhaa

4. Even if you’re zero at dance

Dance Teacher - Sambandhaa

5. She gives it back to someone who calls you fat

called me fat - Sambandhaa

6. Personal fitness trainer with lightest dumbbells

Personal fitness trainer - sambandhaa

7. She makes sure the bride gets her awesome candid pictures

candid pictures - sambandhaa

8. The wardrobe cheerleader for the wedding

wardrobe cheerleader - sambandhaa

9. No malfunctions can skip through her eyes

No malfunctions - sambandhaa

10. Unofficial stress buster for the bride

Unofficial stress buster - sambandhaa

11. The safest Driver (Pilot) in town?

safest Driver - sambandhaa


Shouldn’t you be appointing a bridesmaid for your wedding? The perks are saying “YOU SHOULD”!!


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